“Active Listening”

November 28th, 2017
Stadthalle Heidelberg

“The biggest communication problem is we do not listen to understand. We listen to reply.” – Stephen R. Covey

A half day of sparkling conversations, ideas from various backgrounds and heart-warming inspiration – after last year’s success we’re back! TEDxHeidelberg 2017 awaits you with the promising topic “Active Listening – Call for Action” – eager to work with the community to create a future we want to live in. We’re looking forward to international as well as regional speakers, who dedicated many hours to share exceptional food for thoughts!

But we won’t stop here! We’re grateful to have Carmen Hentschel acquired as a well-known and experienced moderator, who will guide you through the day! Our participants can look forward to an interactive and enriching time. We offer vivid breaks, during which you can curiously explore our room concept! You can experience our exclusive art exhibition, which shows different faces of listening – brought to live by the talented Tapiwa Meda! Use this chance, listen to our speakers, engage with them as well as with the other audience members, widen your horizon and dive into new and sometimes exotic perspectives.

Spread the word – together we can make a difference!

The Talks & Performances

Manuel Dolderer
Curiosity – the Force to Transform Education

Jonathan Balcombe
Most Eaten, Least Heard: The Inner Lives of Fishes

Millie Baker
If We Want to Speak Out, We Should First Listen In

Marcel Pfenning
You – A Lifework Architect


Tatiana Muñoz
How Active Listening Could Save Mankind

Dr. Bart Knols
How Ending Malaria Could Have Prevented Hiroshima

Marc Green
How to talk like a Native Speaker


Performance Act:
Paolo Amerio
SOL | n

Performance Act:
As Far As Low

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The Venue

Stadthalle Heidelberg
Neckarstaden 24, 69117 Heidelberg

The Team

Jannis Kuhlencord

Dominik Weickgenannt

Vika Green

Nicoline Coppens-van Os

Justus Lindl

Lisa Wild

Julius Kosfeld

Lena Rottinger

Johannes Pirmann

Philipp Hofmann

Frederik Martin

Jörg Kropp

Timo Kehl

Marion Gürth

Leonie Fremgen

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