“Hidden Treasures”

December 13th, 2018
Stadthalle Heidelberg

Discover the value of hidden treasures in your past, present, daily life, and untouched terrains.

An idea itself doesn’t have value until we find a certain worth in it. It is the individual who based on past experiences, places, and encounters associates the tangible and intangible objects with having a certain meaning. This is of course, is a highly subjective process and is strongly determined by our knowledge, our emotions and our circumstances. Therefore, what we consider to be a ‘treasure’ is dependent on our perspective.

There are two kinds of hidden treasures, the mundane ones which we seem to oversee due to their routine occurrence in our daily lives. Such is the case with drinkable water. It is a basic necessity and yet unlike our easily accessible tap water there are people who do not have this privilege and place a high value on it. The other kind of treasure is one which isn’t in plain sight. It is limitless ranging from the microscopic organelles, to long lost manuscripts, to the caves that have yet to be discovered, to the depths of the ocean and what resides below.

Therefore, with this year’s theme in mind, we would like to invite you on a treasure hunt. Together, with you, we’re heading towards an adventure of discovery. So join us as we go looking for the unnoticed, eavesdrop for the unheard, decipher the encrypted and search for the hidden.

Speakers & Performers

Dr. Arno Schimpf

Aniruddha Dutta

Del Keens

Tyler Gage

Madeleine Daria Alizadeh

Kathrin Brenker

Marcus Orlovsky

The next speaker will be announced soon!

The Venue

Stadthalle Heidelberg
Neckarstaden 24, 69117 Heidelberg


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