TEDxHeidelberg 2016

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Helping the world run better. Improving people’s lives. That’s our purpose. We’re dedicated to making a difference – not just for businesses, but for people and the planet too.
Overcoming boundaries and turning bright ideas into reality, that’s how every one of us can impact the world.

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Holiday Inn

TEDx invites you to take part in a journey towards our common future. Designed for the change makers, innovators, entrepreneurs and young talents of our time, Holiday Inn Express means clean, consistent, and comfortable rooms wherever you go.

TEDxHeidelberg 2016


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Merck supports TEDxHeidelberg because we believe that networking is one of the key drivers for innovation.
Gaining inspiring insights, meeting interesting people and having motivational talks whilst thinking outside the box makes us thrive.

Heidelberg Mobil

Our day-to-day work is inspired by outstanding ideas and the latest developments. We are delighted to support the TEDx team in kick-starting new innovations in Heidelberg.

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Entermedia is a partner of TEDx Heidelberg.


TYPO-shop.de is a partner of TEDx Heidelberg.

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realize Communication

realize Communication is a partner of TEDx Heidelberg.

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Art van Demon

Art van Demon is a non-profit art association founded by students of History of Art in 2007. We cooperate with TEDxHeidelberg since we aim at offering new platforms apart from the reknown institutions for young artists to express their creativity and exchange ideas.

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Pionierfilm GmbH

Pionierfilm GmbH is supporting TEDx with livestreaming. Our reason for this support is the philosophy and this years’ theme: Overcoming Boundaries. From a technical perspective, this is also the aim of livestreaming.

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Galilei Consult e.V.

TED’s mission is to educate and inspire by spreading great ideas. We support TEDxHeidelberg because we believe that these ideas will be the building blocks of a more open and enlightened future.

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Atelier Kropp

The idea of TED and TEDx fascinated me when I first heard about it. The incredible variety and the amount of information in the lectures is amazing and often keeps me at the screen for longer than I wanted.

TEDxHeidelberg 2016


Thorsten & Lara
Visualisation by Lara Listens & Thorsten Ohler
Julia Sebaga Headley

Julia Headley

Julia Headley grew up on the island of Barbados. She began her dance education in her home country and continued her education at the Juilliard School in New York. Since June 2013, she has been dancing at the Nationaltheater Mannheim. She has presented her own choreographies at the choreography workshop. She’s a very creative power woman and when she’s not dancing, she sews for her own collection Sebaga.

Andreas Wundersee

Andreas Wundersee


Hannes Diether & Falk Kastel

Hannes Diether & Falk Kastel

Hannes Diether lives and studies in Heidelberg. As a musician and DJ he has been playing and producing music since the age of 14. He plays in several bands, is part of different music projects and is under contract to the label BREIDENBACH STUDIO. For TEDxHeidelberg he supports the visuals from Falk Kastell with a specially arranged vinyl DJ-Set.

Falk Kastell was born in Heidelberg and is a true full blood artist. He started to dance classical ballet at the age of 4 and was already drawing and painting back then. He later studied design, art and photography and his work has been exhibited many times. Not only was he contracted by the Nationaltheater Mannheim, but also works for international modelling agencies as a hobby. For TEDxHeidelberg he exclusively produced two video installations in collaboration with Julia Headley and Hannes Diether.

Carolina Brack

Carolina Brack