“History & Mystery”

June 8th, 2018
Atelier Kurus, Heidelberg

We’re happy to announce the beginning of another marvellous event series organised for you.

TEDxHeidelbergSalon is a TEDx event on a smaller scale making the interactions personal and can be compared to a small snack that temporarily satisfies your appetite but keeps you hungry for the main event.

This year’s venue has a rustic charm and an enchanting title: History and Mystery. Since our venue will be illuminated by hundreds of candles, you can look forward to an unique atmosphere, where stories will be told, songs will be sung, and crimes will be solved.

Join us in our first TEDxHeidelbergSalon.

Speakers & Performers

Mike Kleist
Author, Parachutist, Expert at Escape Rooms

Fabian Kelly

Armin Schäfer

Tilman Rivinius, Manuel Brenner & Niklas Freund
Performance Act

The Video
The Pictures
The Venue

Atelier Kurus
Lutherstraße 13, 69120 Heidelberg

The Team

Jannis Kuhlencord

Dominik Weickgenannt

Vika Green

Lia Gänzler

Lisa Wild

Kira Lapp

Houda Hallay

Mina Trpkovic

Lena Rottinger

Susana Pérez

Julius Kosfeld

Daylin Kenn

Jörg Kropp

Megan Barber

Sebastian Bissinger