TEDxHeidelberg 2017



Manuel Dolderer

Curiosity – the Force to Transform Education

Co-Founder of the Code University


Who is Manuel Dolderer?

Manuel gathered years of professional experience in the education markets before he came up with the idea of founding his own university. Together with his Co-Founders, he saw that the educational system needed new substance, content, and forms. They developed a revolutionary concept of higher education to respond the challenges of the digitalization. The Code University successfully started with the first cohort of students this autumn.

What was his TEDx Talk about?

Manuel took us on a journey to all the ruptures and challenges that Digitalization is causing, especially in the context of work and education. He showed how the current educational system is a leftover of the times of industrialization and out-of-date for today’s needs. Manuel presented us how new conceptions of education help to prepare the next generations for the future.

Jonathan Balcombe

Most Eaten, Least Heard: The Inner Lives of Fishes

Author, scientist and leading animal advocate


Who is Jonathan Balcombe?

Animal behavior expert Jonathan is a passionate advocate for animals and their living spaces or living species. His New York Times best-selling new book What A Fish Knows celebrates the rich and complex lives of our underwater cousins, and, like his earlier books Pleasurable Kingdom, Second Nature, and The Exultant Ark, presages a revolution in the human-animal relationship.

What was his TEDx Talk about?

In his talk Jonathan combined science with story-telling to explore the colorful lives of the least understood (and most maligned) vertebrates on Earth. Do fishes think? Do they really have three-second memories? And can they recognize the humans who peer back at them from above the surface of the water. Jonathan’s talk blew your fishy biases clear out of the water.

Millie Baker

If We Want to Speak out, We Should First Listen In

Owner of The Speaking Adventure


Who is Millie Baker?

Millie is a trainer for communication, presentation skills and public speaking with over 17 years of professional experience. As the director of The Speaking Adventure – a company offering workshops in authentic public speaking – her approach is “If we want to speak out, we should first listen in.

What was her TEDx Talk about?

Her talk focused on inner confidence as the main pathways to effective speaking. It was about one’s ability to stay present and connected when one is speaking, skills which form the basis of true confidence, and which are relevant in both our personal and professional lives. As Millie claims: “Too many of us are wasting time and energy in the fear of public speaking. So how to build the confidence to step forwards authentically and speak more grounded, uplifting and real? By bringing mindfulness to public speaking and listening more carefully to our body.”

Marcel Pfenning

You – A Lifework Architect

Financial Consultant and Co-Founder of Wachstum-Grenzenlos


Who is Marcel Pfenning?

Following his slogan “Success happens, when you follow yourself“, Marcel co-founded the company Wachstum-Grenzenlos in 2013. Along with his team, the financial consultant offers workshops in the field of financial education and financial planning, in Heidelberg. Their mission for customers and employees is to find a meaningful path for doing and achieving things that make them happy.

What was his TEDx Talk about?

In his talk, Marcel shared his thoughts on how the working environment is changing, why old solutions for modern challenges don’t work anymore.
Conventional knowledge and a standard education won’t solve issues of future companies anymore. Therefore, Marcel believes that self-reliance and self-responsibility will be the virtues of the future employee.
Marcel brings a new innovative approach forward.
Marcel sees the answer by start asking yourself the right questions, that you would normally ask others. This habit will start to give you the capability to transform your life from a CV based to a self-reflecting focus becoming a lifework architect.
How does he know? Two years ago, Marcel says he realized that all he had, had been presented a composition of others strengths, wishes, and expectations. It was when he started writing to himself, that he started the process of actively listening to himself by asking and answering the right questions.
In relation to this topic Marcel likes to quote Pablo Picasso, “There are much more copies than originals among people”, in which he hopes one has the courage to be original!

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Tatiana Muñoz

How Active Listening could save Mankind

Climate Change Manager


Tatiana tries to save mankind from global warming. In her job she gives her best as a public climate action manager and in her volunteer life as vice president of the German Federal Association for Climate Action. She got tired of mind bombs and sad pictures of polar ice bears as well as of call to action campaigns that wouldn’t change a thing in most of human thinking. She searched for innovative approaches to communicate climate issues. After all the research she came to a simple and old-fashioned conclusion. Before designing another campaign, you should just listen carefully, what people have to say.

Dr. Bart Knols

How Ending Malaria Could Have Prevented Hiroshima

Medical Entomologist


Who is Dr. Bart Knols?

Bart is a medical entomologist and has devoted his entire career to the study of mosquitoes and the diseases they transmit, notably malaria and dengue. He has worked and lived in East and Southern Africa for more than 11 years. Undoubtedly some of the best years in his life, as he recalls them. Contributing to solving the global burden caused by malaria and dengue is what gets him up in the morning.

What was his TEDx Talk about?

Although scientific endeavour is constantly extending the boundaries of our options to control diseases, we sometimes tend to forget to listen to past successes. Much of what we have already learnt or practiced in the real world tends to be forgotten and replaced by often complex or more difficult to implement measures. The world of malaria is no exception, and he built a case for listening more to the past.

Marc Green

How to talk like a Native Speaker

Entrepreneur and Language Enthusiast


Who is Marc Green?

Marc’s passion is the study of languages, their manifestation in local dialects, as well as their expression in poetry and folkloric song. He has acquired a near-native proficiency in six languages and their sub-forms and has given various musical performances.

What was his TEDx Talk about?

Marc talked about the process of learning a foreign language and the different levels of fluency. He showed that there is a higher realm of language proficiency and explained what it takes to reach this “native” point where the benefits far surpass mere communication skills.


Paolo Amerio

Performance Act: SOL | n



Who is Paolo Amerio?

Paolo is a freelance performer, choreographer, dance and Yoga teacher. He worked with choreographers as Nanine Linning and Felix Mexer-Christian. Throughout the years, Paolo has performed in Germany, Holland, France, Italy, Russia and USA. He presented his last work, SOL | n, during the ARTORT 2017 Festival in Heidelberg. Paolo’s research is mainly focussed on the infinite possibilities of the human body, on an honest, pure way of moving, where every single action is a result of a thought or an emotion.

What was his TEDx Performance SOL | n about?

… and suddenly there was peace, I was somewhere else, where my mind and my soul could find rest, where my thoughts were lighter, where my voice was heard and my senses were softer… So I stayed and I started contemplating its solemnity.

(Choreography and performance: Paolo Amerio. Music: Apparat. Photo: Danilo Floreani)

As Far As Low

Performance Act



Who are As Far As Low?

Two boys from Heidelberg, who have been close friends since childhood and have been driven by the urge to express themselves with music. Their songs are authentic, full of compassion and if you listen carefully you can have a glimpse in their lives!
We wanted you to be inspired by their stories and the spirit they will share in the event. For those of you who watch TV on a regular basis – it was hard to miss their featuring on The Voice of Germany.