The Team

My name: Jannis Kuhlencord.

My role at TEDxHeidelberg: Project Lead & Founder.

Why I am part of TEDxHeidelberg: I love connecting people and ideas – the moment two strangers get to know each other due to an idea impulse offered by TEDx – that moment is unique. Since I started the journey of organising TEDxHeidelberg and diving into this broad universe of inspiration, I’ve grown as a person.

My favourite TED/ TEDx talk: Astro Teller: The unexpected benefit of celebrating failure.

Ways to contact me: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter.

My name: Lia Gänzler.

My role at TEDxHeidelberg: Partners & Finance.

Why I am part of TEDxHeidelberg: What would a world be without creative ideas, bold visionaries, extraordinary artists and courageous supporters? TEDx thrives on new perspectives – and I love being an active part of this inspired and inspiring community.

My favourite TED/ TEDx talk: Ingrid Fetell Lee: Where joy hides and how to find it.

Ways to contact me: Website.

My name: Bettina Laux.

My role at TEDxHeidelberg: Project Management.

Why I am part of TEDxHeidelberg: I am passionate about inspiring people and creating the space to expand possiblity. TEDx is an amazing platform to inspire people and see the world with curious and inspired eyes. That’s my reason to support the team and this worldwide format that connects people, minds and creates… sometimes a whole new different reality 😉

My favourite TED/ TEDx talk: Brené Brown: The power of vulnerability.

Ways to contact me: LinkedIn, Website.

My name: Lisa Wild.

My role at TEDxHeidelberg: Speaker Liaison.

Why I am part of TEDxHeidelberg: TED talks have become part of my morning routine for quite some time now. As the first thing in the morning I enjoy listening to fascinating, thought-provoking talks, incredible life stories, new points of view that change and inspire action. I love the concept that can give impuls to life-changing actions. For that I am very happy and grateful to have become a part of this incredible team at TEDxHeidelberg and being able to contribute a little bit to this amazing community.

My favourite TED/ TEDx talk: BJ Miller: What really matters at the end of life.

My name: Kira Lapp.

My role at TEDxHeidelberg: Speaker Liaison.

Why I am part of TEDxHeidelberg: Since I was a little kid I loved it to meet different people, learn crazy new things and I was always super curious. Well that hasn’t changed a bit!
Being a part of this amazing inspiring TEDx Community helps me to never lose this curiosity and gives me the chance to pass it on to the world. Inspire and be inspired!

My favourite TED/ TEDx talk: Candy Change: Before I die I want to …

Ways to contact me: Instagram, LinkedIn, Xing.

My name: Mina Trpkovic.

My role at TEDxHeidelberg: Speaker Liaison.

Why I am part of TEDxHeidelberg: I am strongly passionate about creating things and inspiring others and TEDxHeidelbeg is a perfect place for that. Meeting new people, with the same goals, while spreading more then interesting ideas is an amazing feeling and one of the best experiences of my life.

My favourite TED/ TEDx talk: Lera Boroditsky: How language shapes the way we think.

Ways to contact me: Facebook, Instagram.

My name: Margherita d’Errico.

My role at TEDxHeidelberg: Speaker Liaison.

Why I am part of TEDxHeidelberg: Receiving new imputs and listening to other people ideas is what enriches my daily life. My curiosity brought me to dive into several topics, from science to music and communication. I was inspired by the most diverse people, which contributed to my overall development. In this light, TEDx has always been a precious souce and I am thrilled to contribute to this project!

My favourite TED/ TEDx talk: Tshering Tobgay: This country isn’t just carbon neutral — it’s carbon negative.

Ways to contact me: LinkedIn.

My name: Lena Rottinger.

My role at TEDxHeidelberg: PR & Communication.

Why I am part of TEDxHeidelberg: For me, TEDx is a beautiful way of creating a bond between so many different people – entrepeneurs, artists, intellectuals, scientists, students, – literally everyone who is open-minded. I was caught by the idea of an international community following the same goal – connecting people with each other and share inspiring ideas. It’s a wonderful feeling to contibute to that huge community with our part here in Heidelberg.

My favourite TED/ TEDx talk: Will Stephen: How to sound smart in your TEDx Talk.

Ways to contact me: Instagram, LinkedIn.

My name: Julius Kosfeld.

My role at TEDxHeidelberg: Participant Management & Website.

Why I am part of TEDxHeidelberg: I love getting to know new people and broaden my horizon. Since TEDx helps to build connections and inspires humans all over the world, this unique network of inspiring personalities leads to great ideas and helps me to find new ways of thinking. Organizing a TEDx event is my way to contribute to this wonderful format of ideas and connections while I enjoy being a part of this great team of TEDxHeidelberg.

My favourite TED/ TEDx talk: Andy Puddicombe: All it takes is 10 mindful minutes.

Ways to contact me: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Website.

My name: Daylin Kenn.

My role at TEDxHeidelberg: Linguistics.

Why I am part of TEDxHeidelberg: It is a way to be part of something bigger, something that makes a difference. It is also a chance for me to get out of my comfort zone and meet new people.

My favourite TED/ TEDx talk: Sophie Scott: Why we laugh.

Ways to contact me: Facebook, LinkedIn.

My name: Jörg Kropp.

My role at TEDxHeidelberg: Photographer, Speaker Acquisition & Local Specialist.

Why I am part of TEDxHeidelberg: I love the people that organize a TEDx event with all their heart and ideas, the open minded people attracted by TEDx events and learning and getting knowledge, emotions, inspiration and surprises.

My favourite TED/ TEDx talk: James Veitch: This is what happens when you reply to spam email.

Ways to contact me: Website.

My name: Dominik Weickgenannt.

My role at TEDxHeidelberg: Licensee.

Why I am part of TEDxHeidelberg: TEDx brings people together, giving them a day off from their day to day lives and hopefully inspires them to think more deeply about new ideas.

My favourite TED/ TEDx talk: Dan Barber: How I fell in love with a fish.