Our Vision

Inspiration & Ideas

As children we’re constantly exploring and asking the people surrounding us all sorts of questions – this is driven by curiosity! As adults we barely know more than children and the world is still filled with valuable inspiration and new ideas worth discovering. We believe a nourishing environment for good ideas can change the world in a positive way.

Network & Communication

Humans are social beings, who suffocate if they are confronted with loneliness. While Britain appointed a “Minister of Loneliness”, we’re taking care  to have shared experience at our events. At TEDxHeidelberg we are eager to connect our participants and create an atmosphere that is open-minded. We hope you feel secure enough to express your thoughts in an authentic way!

Discussion & Sharing

At TEDxHeidelberg, we aim to provide a platform, that sparks conversation and fosters open discussion amongst each other. We believe that sharing knowledge and opinions leads to extraordinary synergic effects, deepens mutual understanding and creates empathy in society.

Diversity & Perspective

We are bringing together people with various backgrounds, beliefs and experiences. We welcome people from every discipline and culture. Therefore, we celebrate diversity and put a strong focus on empathy towards other people’s opinions. We invite you to share your perspective and listen to others!


It took us more than two years to realise, that we understand ourselves not merely as event organisers, but rather as a community with an underlying identity. The core are the values of this identity we’ve described above and doing our best to build all our activities around them. We would like to invite you to take part in one of our events – filled with curiosity, empathy, diverse perspectives and collaboration!

Our Events

At the moment, we are looking ahead to our next event.
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Our Team

Jannis Kuhlencord
Project Lead

Lia Gänzler
Finance & Partners

Bettina Laux
Finance & Partners

Vika Green
Finance & Partners

Lisa Wild
Speaker Liaison

Kira Lapp
Speaker Liaison

Mina Trpkovic
Speaker Liaison

Margherita d’Errico
Speaker Liaison

Lena Rottinger
PR & Social Media

Cansu Bayram
Social Media

Julius Kosfeld
Participant Management & Website

Daylin Kenn

Jörg Kropp

Kevin Vogl
Assistant to Project Lead

Dominik Weickgenannt
Licensee & Operations

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