TEDxHeidelberg 2018

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Our project keeps developing and after receiving enthusiastic feedback for our last event we’re eager to be back in 2018 and improve even further – maybe with you by our side!

Currently we’re searching for highly motivated people, who are interested to join our team! While TEDxHeidelberg is entirely non profit, we can promise a warm team atmosphere full of laughter and late-night working sessions.

Our team is completely interdisciplinary and cross-generations – ranging from 20 up to 51 years! For us it has been an eye-opening journey and incredible learning experience – maybe we can soon learn from each other as well?

Join the TEDx Team in 2018, and get involved in this global community committed to spreading ideas and sparking conversations.

Contact us via application@tedxheidelberg.de and tell us how you would like to contribute and be a part of something bigger – we appreciate everyone reaching out!

TEDxHeidelberg 2017 – Active Listening


We truly want to thank each and every one of you from the bottom of our hearts.
Big hands to our incredible speakers and performance acts as well as to our open-minded and curious audience. The whole TEDxHeidelberg Team put so much effort and work into this one single day, but this experience made it totally worth it. A special thanks again to our fantastic partners, who supported us and helped us to share all the ideas worth spreading!

You can find the pictures of TEDxHeidelberg 2017 here – and finally all talks have been uploaded here!

TEDxHeidelberg 2017 - © Jörg Kropp
TEDxHeidelberg 2017 - © Jörg Kropp

The Theme

Active Listening

The biggest communication problem is we do not listen to understand. We listen to reply.” – Stephen R. Covey

We communicate continuously every day – with friends, colleagues, customers – basically with everyone around us. We communicate during meetings. We discuss on social media.

We consume advertisements every day. And most important – we constantly try to express our own point of view, but lack consideration of opinions and ideas of those around us!

It is time for a different approach!

In a more and more complex world the decision to ignore someone else’s opinion or ideas can be considered as a huge obstacle to progress and innovation. No matter if someone opposes the idea of global warming, ignores the various challenges we’re confronted with by artificial intelligence or believes in simple solutions offered by populist parties – start with yourself and start listening!

Instead of painting the world black and white, let’s bring some colors in.

The Personalities


Manuel Dolderer

Curiosity – the Force to Transform Education
Co-Founder of the Code University

Millie Baker

If We Want to Speak out, We Should First Listen In
Owner of The speaking Adventure

Jonathan Balcombe

Most Eaten, Least Heard: The Inner Lives of Fishes
PhD, Scientist and Author

Marcel Pfenning

You – A Lifework Architect
Financial Consultant and Founder

Tatiana Muñoz

How Active Listening could save Mankind
Climate Change Manager

Dr. Bart Knols

Ending Malaria by Listening to its Past
Medical Entomologist

Marc Green

How to talk like a Native Speaker
Entrepreneur and Language Enthusiast

Paolo Amerio

Performance Act: SOL | n

As Far As Low

Performance Act

The Venue

Stadthalle Heidelberg

Our venue for TEDxHeidelberg’s Active Listening event in 2017 was the building appropriate for exchanging ideas. In the Kongresshaus we created a dynamic synergy determined by traditional influences and cutting-edge visionaries.

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